Responsive Button Kit Figma

Responsive Button Kit

Created this button kit with Figma’s “Autolayout”, to show my co-designers on how autolayout feature in Figma simplifies responsive button design. Sharing it here so others can make use of it. Autolayout simplifies resizing, arrangement and spacing of components designed in Figma. This kit has ✅Button types ✅Variants for each type ✅Auto layout enabled ✅Components …

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Documentation Cards & Buttons Figma

Documentation Cards & Buttons

Quickly add visually engaging external links to documentation and useful resources directly in your Figma files using this set of cards and buttons. Includes cards for some of the most popular productivity tools such as Figma (of course), Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Notion, Coda, Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, Github, all Atlassian products, Miro, Mailchimp, Clubhouse, GitBook, …

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iOS 15 Button Figma

iOS 15 Button

Who needs iOS 14 when there’s a more slick iOS 15 version already in the works! Come and get your own! This is a little animation test I did for one of our clients and although it’s little bit too much, I think it’s just right.

Figma Buttons with Variants

Buttons with Variants

A button component built using variants! This button component is a greater starter component for your design system. Variant Properties: Size (L,S) Style (Primary, Secondary, Ghost, Only Text) State (Default, Hover, Pressed, Disabled) Light/Dark mode Icon Only Icon Right Icon Left Enjoy it!

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