Design System

Quickr Design System

2000+ Components of Figma Library to Design SaaS Product & Web Application —- A versatile Source of Pre-configured Components & Symbols, Which Allows Creating the Interface for any Application Quickly. Quickr Design System Was Crafted to Help You Build Any Easy to Complex Product from Paper sketch Idea to Clickable Prototype with Simple Drag-n-drop Components …

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CRED Synth Design System

Synth is a Design system developed by CRED which uses Neumorphism beautifully. I really liked it and decided to build it for the Figma community so everyone can learn and use it. To build this system, I took references from Synth code which is open source and available on GitHub.

Nimbus Design System

Nimbus is an open-source Design System created by Tiendanube / Nuvemshop’s team to empower and enhance more stories every day, with simplicity, accessibility, consistency and performance. We developed a component system on Figma to accelerate the designs of our team and partners.

Venus Design System

Design what you want with less effort at another level! An easy-to-use Free Design Tool with the most common 390+ UI/UX components states that allows you to design quickly with world-class standards out-of-the-box. 🔥 This complex, modern, clean design tool will help you reduce hours of time wasted wireframing and building UI projects. Venus Design …

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Chakra Figma UI Kit

Chakra UI‘s official Figma components library, with simple, modular and accessible components that give you the building blocks you need to design and build your React applications. What’s Included Extensive styles for typography, color and effects Component variants including size and state, now also with interactions (beta) Dynamic layers powered by Auto Layout Experimental components, …

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